How We Can Help

Think of us as a toolbox filled with ideas and resources...

Caregiver Connections offers support from caring professionals with early childhood and mental health expertise. We help child care providers by: 


  • Strengthening skills to support a child’s healthy social emotional development.

  • Offering support in the development of partnerships between providersand parents.

  • Helping with problem-solving and working with parents on difficult issues.

  • Providing timely, helpful training.

  • Referring families to other services when needed.


You are not alone...
We understand the stress and worry you face when the children you care for are challenged by behavioral, social/emotional, physical or learning problems—and know that you want to provide the best care to every child in your program. That’s why Caregiver Connections offers a wide range of services and supports at no cost to those
caring for and educating children, including:


  • Consultation with caring, experienced professionals—either in person or by phone.

  • New ideas that can help children develop appropriate social and emotional skills.

  • Support and training that equips you to deal confidently with difficult situationswhen working with staff and/or families.

  • Connections to screening resources that can identify developmental problems early.

  • Referrals to evaluation and family services.


Following is a list of printable documents about Caregiver Connections provided by our partner, Illinois Action for Children:


  • How Consultation Works

  • Reasons Providers Call Consultants

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mental Health for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool Children

  • Support Social-Emotional Challenging Behavior in Young Children

  • Caregiver Connections Mission and Values